Writing Samples

Middle-School Nonfiction

From Moon Landing, published by Abdo Publishing Company, 2008. Excerpted with permission.
Nonfiction chapter book for grades 6–9

Chapter One: Lift Off

The three astronauts lay on their backs in the command module of the Apollo 11 spacecraft, their boots locked in titanium clamps above their heads. Their upper bodies were strapped tight against the couches. Inside their bulky spacesuits, they could barely lift their arms—though now it did not matter much. See more.

Early Nonfiction

From Welcome to Glacier National Park, published by The Child’s World, 2007. Excerpted with permission.
Photo-illustrated picture book for grades 1–4

A Sculpted Land              

Welcome to Glacier National Park! Here in western Montana, the snow-capped Rocky Mountains frame the sky. Waterfalls crash over cliffs. Wildflowers carpet a meadow. This is a park known for its spectacular scenery. See more.

From Super Shadows, published by Magic Wagon, 2009. Excerpted with permission.
Art-illustrated picture book for grades 1­–3

Your Shadow

Sometimes your shadow is in front of you. Sometimes it’s behind you. Why?

It depends on where the light is. If light is behind you, your shadow is in front of you. Where’s the light when your shadow is behind you? See more.

Early Fiction

From Snow White and the Candy Apple, published by Magic Wagon, 2009. Excerpted with permission.
Fiction chapter book for grades 2–5

Chapter Five

“Mirror, mirror in my hand,” the Queen repeated. She spoke to one of those mirrors that comes inside a makeup case. “Who’s the most glamorous in the land?” See more.


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