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Zombie Zappers. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, 2014.
Funny, fast-paced adventures to keep boys reading
Zombie Field Day; Down, Zombie, Down!; Zombie Camp; The Zombie Next Door


Super Science Infographics. Minneapolis: Lerner Publishing, 2014.
Three titles in a set of info-packed titles aimed at the Next Generation Science Standards
Life Science Through Infographics; Natural Disasters Through Infographics;
The Solar System Through Infographics


Pop Culture Bios. Minneapolis: Lerner Publishing, 2012–2013.
Sassy bios give fans the inside scoop on their favorite stars.
Justin Bieber; Jennifer Lawrence; Bruno Mars; Katy Perry


 Awesome Inventions You Use Every Day. Minneapolis: Lerner Publishing, 2013.
Little-known facts about everyday objects
Brilliant Beauty Inventions; Fun Food Inventions

?????Deadly Adorable Animals. Minneapolis: Lerner Publishing, 2013.
A “Shock Zone” book packed with awesome animal facts

SuperCommaSuper Punctuation Heroes. Mankato, MN: The Child’s World, 2012.
Superhero punctuation marks fix grammar snafus in these funny books for K-2 readers.
Super Apostrophe Saves the Day!; Super Comma Saves the Day!;
Super Exclamation Point Saves the Day!; Super Period Saves the Day!;
Super Question Mark Saves the Day!; Super Quotation Marks Saves the Day!

Your Mission to Jupiter. Edina, MN: Magic Wagon, 2011.
Takes young readers on an imaginative mission to our solar system’s largest planet

How Cell Phones Work. Mankato, MN: The Child’s World, 2011.
A robot and a caveman help present exactly what happens inside a cell phone.

Issun Boshi/One-Inch Boy: A Japanese Fairytale. Mankato, MN: The Child’s World, 2011.
An ancient Japanese folktale retold with humor and warmth

Splash! Learn About Water. Mankato, MN: The Child’s World, 2011.
All about water for the very youngest readers

Henry and Hala Build a Haiku. Chicago, IL: Norwood House, 2011.
K–5 readers learn the craft of writing haiku through a story.

Ready, Set, Count! (Series) Mankato, MN: The Child’s World, 2011.
Humorous books about numbers for very young readers (six titles)
One Town;
Two Town; Three Town; Four Town; Five Town; Nine Town

Weather Watchers. (Series) Edina, MN: Magic Wagon, 2010.
Fun picture books about weather phenomena (set of six titles)
It’s a Thunderstorm!;
It’s a Tornado!; It’s a Tsunami!;
It’s Hailing!; It’s Raining!; It’s Snowing!

Science Rocks! (Series) Edina, MN: Magic Wagon, 2009.
Humorously illustrated picture books about the science of the everyday (set of six titles)
Electricity Is Everywhere;
Excited About Energy; Marvelous Motion; Mighty Magnets;
Stupendous Sound; Super Shadows

Fiona & Frieda’s Fairy-tale Adventures. (Series) Edina, MN: Magic Wagon, 2009.
Comically fractured fairy-tales for advanced elementary readers (set of six titles)
Cinderella and the Bowling Slipper;
Goldilocks and the Breakfast Bunch;
Hansel and Gretel and the Cheddar Trail;
Rapunzel and the Drop of Doom;
Sleeping Beauty and the Snapdragons;
Snow White and the Candy Apple

Moon Landing. Edina, MN: Abdo Publishing Company, 2008.
The story of the Apollo missions for a middle-school audience

Barnacle Barb & Her Pirate Crew. (Series) Edina, Magic Wagon, 2008.
Rollicking pirate stories for the silliest readers (set of six titles)
Avast, Ye Dog Thief!;
Aye, My Eye!; Blimey, That’s Slimy!;
Break a Sea Leg, Shrimp-Breath!;
Pegleg Gets Stumped; Walk the Plank, Plankton

Visitor Guides. (Series) Mankato, MN: The Child’s World, 2007.
Richly photo-illustrated picture books take readers on tours of US national parks (two titles).
Welcome to Everglades National Park;
Welcome to Glacier National Park

Events in American History. (Series) Vero Beach, FL: Rourke, 2007.
Focused history titles unpack key events and their significance for young readers (two titles).
Spanish Missions of the Old West; Columbus and the Age of Explorers


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